Golda Barton
Google review 7/2/2024

Fast friendly goes above and beyond. I’ve used them for years!! Highly recommend

Sarah Girton
Google review 6/5/2024

So amazing!! They had me in next day and only took 45 mins!! Highly recommend

mike colao
Google review 5/17/2024

We were driving from California to Yellowstone and were making a pit stop at the KOA in Salt Lake when a rock nailed our front windshield on our Winnebago (2016 View). So I read the reviews and took a chance to see if they had our windshield in stock and they did. I called them in the morning since we still had 3 hours of drive time and they worked their magic when we arrived. They came to our campsite when we got there and installed it in about 45min. I would recommend them to anyone that lives in the area or passing by. They were honest, reliable, and a great price compared to California prices ;-). Thanks again for all the hard work to replace our windshield!!

Oliver Pong
Google review 5/15/2024

Was on my way to SLC airport when a good size rock kicked up from the truck in front of me and bashed my windshield. So after cussing like a sailor, I looked for a good windshield repair place nearby. Aztek came highly recommended. Rudy was able to get me right in as I live 3 hours away, and got a windshield installed in 90 minutes. I also saw a Utah Highway Patrol officer bringing his patrol vehicle to get worked on. That's a good indicator. The cops know who the good places are and if they trust it, the place must be good. The price was competitive but the service was excellent with a friendly, competent staff. They even removed the state park pass sticker from my old winshield and replaced it on the new windshield.

Mauricio Olivera
Google review 5/14/2024

Matt Madlang
Google review 5/4/2024

Aztek replaced my son's Acura TLX windshield and performed the necessary static and dynamic sensor calibrations as needed. Very competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

Carolyn Rose
Google review 4/23/2024

They got my RV windshield replaced quicky and efficiently. They're really helpful, professional and friendly. Highly recommend.

John Staehlin
Google review 4/9/2024

Rudy helped me with a windshield replacement on my Honda civic. His team was super efficient and best of all it was about half the price that several competitors quoted me. Highly recommend!

Craig Anderson
Google review 3/14/2024

Great fast professional service. Will be coming back for all our glass needs.

Charlotte Buffington
Google review 2/12/2024

I chose Aztek Auto Glass because when I called them to ask about how much it would cost to fix a dent in my windshield they told me that I could pay them in full or I could go through my insurance and get it for free. I was impressed by the honesty because I'm sure it's not always the easiest for them to deal with insurance! They fixed the dent in less than 20 minutes while I sat in their warm waiting room that has wifi so I was able to get some work done. They were kind and effective! Definitely recommend!

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